We went to Meat Liquor after spending hours shopping on the night of the student lock in Leeds (basically an evening where students get discounts and offers in shops and on food.) They had a really good offer on as part of the lock-in so we decided to give it a try.

The Food

The main reason we decided on this restaurant was because the chicken is halal. As there are only 2 veggie options, and most of the menu is based around meat/chicken, it would have probably been pointless for us to go otherwise. Especially since none of us  really like veggie burgers! It is actually a shame that only the chicken is halal, because the beef options did sound delicious too!

We were impressed with the menu – all the different toppings for just the fries were difficult to choose from! We liked that the menu wasn’t huge and overwhelming; there was only a few options of chicken burgers but we still felt spoilt for choice because they all sounded so good!

We ordered:

Buffalo fries – the crumbly blue cheese and the sauce these fries came with made these fries super yummy!

Cajun fries – the most basic, these were just coated in Cajun spice but really good.

Cheese fries – these were smothered in melted cheese and fried onions and the mix was so tasty!

Dirty Chicken Cheeseburger – this was the most basic chicken burger with normal burger toppings (lettuce, onions, cheese and mayo). Although the flavours were delicious, we did find that the chicken fillet seemed to have been overcooked slightly. This was the only fault though.

Tower Block Burger – this has the same toppings but also a hash brown and jalapenos, which just added to the deliciousness!

We couldn’t manage a dessert because we were actually overstuffed from the huge portion sizes. Maybe next time!

The Location & Atmosphere

We went to one of the only sites outside of London, which is in our home city – Leeds. It is located in the city centre, just behind the Trinity centre. At first we were confused about where exactly the restaurant was as it’s described as being behind Victoria’s Secret, which is inside the Trinity so we couldn’t figure out where it would be. In the end, we had to use the maps on our phones (lol!) and once we found it, it was so obvious!

 In terms of the atmosphere, the actual tables were located in the basement, where there was a large bar, a DJ and pool tables. It was quite dark, with red lighting, but we were grateful for this because it’s hard not to get messy when eating the giant burgers!

We found the decor creepy, there were strange images on the walls which we just couldn’t understand, but this gave the restaurant a unique feel, very different to most restaurants.

 The Service

We found the service quite slow, despite the restaurant not being very busy. When we needed something, we couldn’t get the attention of the waiter and it seemed as though they had forgotten about us. When we finally did manage to get their attention, the staff were friendly and the food came within a good time, which we were happy about as we were starving!

 The Price Range

We thought the price was quite decent, taking into account the quality of the food and the huge portion sizes. We had 50% discount on the night so we actually found our bill was very very reasonable.

 The Verdict

Henna: I actually really enjoyed the food, loved the flavours and definitely would return to sample other items from the menu. And anyway, we have to take Sana since she was in Liverpool!

Sairish: I also enjoyed the food, my only complaint would be that the chicken in my burger had quite a burnt taste, but I’m sure that was a one off so I would definitely go back.




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