So we thought we would hit you with another post and this time we’re doing an Eid special.

Half our day is usually spent in the kitchen but when we finally make it out, we have about half an hour to rush and get ready before family members begin to arrive. Eid celebrations mainly entail eating all day and just having a laugh with our family (and of course, an Eid photo-shoot once we’re ready!).

We thought we could share some pictures of our day, and the clothes since we don’t wear Asian clothes much. Its pretty much only on Eid or weddings so it’s a rarity we must share! Unfortunately we didn’t get great photos of the Eid feast we prepared – although we have finally managed to train our parents to wait for us to take pictures before they can eat, we haven’t managed to do the same with extended family YET, so they had already tucked in before we could get any pics!

However, here is a picture of our Eid breakfast – halwa puri, aloo channa and dry seviyan (vermicelli dessert).




image2 (2)My suit was from Janan in Bradford. Their instagram page is @jananofficial – check them out! I usually find it so stressful finding clothes that I like and feel comfortable in. Janan was the first shop I went to and I found 3 suits I liked and eventually, after some help, managed to choose one. I am a terrible decision-maker and it literally took me about 20 minutes to decide between my favourite 2! In the end, it was the lady at the till point who finally made the decision for me – so a huge thanks to her or I’m sure I would have been there much longer! – Henna




My suit was from La Rouge Couture which is one of the many shops in Bradford Plaza. Their instagram page is @larougecoutureuk. This suit was something different for me – I wouldn’t usually go for yellow, but I loved the summery vibes. It was also very easy to match a hijab with, which is usually something I find difficult with Asian clothes. Most importantly, I was able to get a pretty decent mandatory Eid pic so all in all, I was very happy with my outfit this year. – Sairish



sana eid


My suit was also from Janan in Bradford.  Finding Asian clothes for me is super stressful, nothing ever fits perfectly!! I think I found it most difficult to find a suit this year, going from shop to shop not finding anything that was perfect for me. Everything was too big, too small or just plain uncomfortable. In the end I went to Janan and with the help of my mum found a suit that I loved and was my style, not to mention it was probably the most comfortable suit I have ever worn. – Sana



image3 (1)

Isha-Ameelia refused to wear her Eid clothes since she spent most of the day playing outside with our cousins and she specifically said that Asian clothes ‘get in the way’. Weknow where she’s coming from – there were abandoned scarves scattered all over the house – too much faff!! However, we wanted to include a picture of her so this is her wearing an Asian dress for a family party, a few days after Eid.




So, that’s a little insight into how we spent Eid-Ul-Fitr 2017.  We would like to wish all those who celebrated a very warm, belated Eid Mubarak from our family to yours.

We hope to start posting more often. Bear with us while we get used to this blogging malarkey!


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