Hello and welcome to our very first post on our brand new blog!

To start with, here’s a few facts about us:

  1. We are 4 sisters
  2. From the North of England
  3. We are all major foodies
  4. We love travelling
  5. We literally take pictures of EVERYTHING!
  6. Other interests: fashion, makeup (the usual girly stuff)
  7. We have a 7th family member… OUR CAT, who will most likely be featured in later posts.
  8. We’re all students: each at different stages of education
  9. Netflix
  10. Although we share many of the same interests, we each have very different personalities and styles.

So, who’s “we”…?

IMG_3720Hi, my name is Henna and I am the eldest. I am 23 and a law student (LPC – stress!) and working part-time. If I could do one thing for the rest of my life, it would be to travel the world. I get addicted to things very quickly such as buying make-up, Instagram, the gym, a new show on Netflix etc, I love reading and I ADORE my cat who is literally my life companion (yes, I am a cat lady!). I’m looking forward to sharing much more about myself in our blog posts to follow.


IMG_4083 Heyy, my name is Sairish (pronounced S-AIR-ISH) but everyone calls me Sair. I’m the second eldest and therefore the middle child, but I won’t dwell on the whole middle child syndrome thing (for now). I’m 20 and currently at university. Important fact: I’M A GEMINI, and much like all Gemini’s, I am very proud of this. In between studying, listening to music and binge-watching TV series, I spend a lot of time taking selfies, which tends to annoy my family. I love buying new clothes, keeping up with fashion trends and trying new styles. I hope to share some of these, as well as more about myself, with you all in later posts.


Hey,sana I’m Sana (but you can call me san), and I am number 3. I’m 19 and currently in my last year of sixth form (MY A-LEVELS ARE 2 WEEKS AWAY!!!) I love travelling and watching TV… I literally watch anything and everything (Netflix FTW). I also LOVE reading, playing sport and music is pretty much my life. I also think it’s important you know I am the BIGGEST Justin Bieber fan.There’s so much more to know about me, but that will all be revealed in our blog posts to follow 😉



Hi, my name is Isha-Ameelia but most people call me Isha. I am the youngest. I am 8 years old and I am in year 4 at school. I love watching TV, playing the piano, Face-Timing my best friends and spending time with my cousins. I also love to wear cool clothes and have pretty hairstyles. My iPad is my favourite belonging, and I love to play games on it. I am excited to share a blog with my big sisters and show all the cool things I get up to!



Now you know more about us and who we are, all that’s left is to tell you a little more about what this blog will entail. Essentially, this is just another lifestyle blog, but what makes it different is that there’s 4 voices/perspectives rather than just 1 and so we hope that there is always something for everyone to enjoy or relate to. We will be posting regularly covering everything from beauty and fashion, to travel and general life and best of all, food!

Follow us now for regular updates and posts and join us on our journey as we, THE HAQS, BECOME BLOGGERS!

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